Series Five: Beechwood


Drive down Webster Ave and you'll spot it: a peculiar flat-iron building that greets you as you pass. Built in 1890, The Wehle Building has served many purposes since it's dedication: a club office, a steakhouse, saloon, a bowling alley, and a childcare center. All of these purposes may seem humble and plain compared to other more notable places in the city, but perhaps its defining trait is that most Beechwood residents know this building, and use it as their personal landmark.

Some notable residents of Beechwood include Beech-Nut and French's companies. Beech-Nut foods, known for chewing gum, baby food, and a number of other food products shares its name with Beechwood and green, part of Beech-Nuts brand identity is featured as the primary color. French's, most famous for their mustard, is also celebrated as providing a secondary color to Beechwood's design.

Rochester's long stretching network of trolley routes serviced the far reaches of the city; The 200 line of East Main and West traveled Main St through Center City and then through the heart of the Beechwood neighborhood.

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