Series Four: The North


The Kingdom of the North. The largest of the Seven but also one of the least populated; this is an unforgiving land, where resilience and adaptability are essential. The capital of the North is Winterfell, castle seat of House Stark: lords and wardens of this territory who have ruled for millennia.

To represent the North, a grey direwolf stands rampant on a field of new silver snow (the sigil of House Stark). The wolf is also stylized with wood grain to represent weirwood trees, a central figure in the faith of the Old Gods, the dominant and ancient religion of the North.

Currently the North Kingdom is verging on civil war. The Starks are all but extinct from the War of The Five Kings, House Bolton has been proclaimed Warden of the North and resides at Winterfell, and animosity between them and the other northern houses is growing. But the North remembers, and there must always be a Stark in Winterfell. Ultimately the squabble may count for nothing, as a much larger threat begins to emerge, for remember dear summer children:

Winter Is Coming.

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