Series Four: The Stormlands


On the eastern banks of Westeros lies the kingdom of the Stormlands. Approached by sea, many ships find their doom in Shipbreaker Bay, or sink during the many and violent unpredictable storms along the coast.

To represent the Stormlands, a black stag stands rampant on a golden field (the sigil of House Baratheon). The stag is stylized with a forest texture to represent the hunting natures of the three Baratheon brothers: Robert for vice, Stannis for justice, and Renly for pleasure. "Ours Is The Fury" is truly a passion plea as much as a battle cry.

The kings of the Stormlands were fierce rulers over both their own domain as well as the Riverlands, until Aegon The Conqueror landed in Westeros. Aegons half-brother Orys Baratheon was instrumental in conquering Storm's End and the last Storm King, Argilac Durrandon. With Westeros secure and under the rule of the Targaryans, Orys was made Lord of The Stormlands, took Argilac's daughter as his wife, adopted her last name and sigil as his own, and continued Storm's End's reign as house seat of the region. Ironically, Orys' descendent Robert Baratheon defied historical bounds and rebelled against the Targaryans, usurping King Aerys and taking the throne for himself. This rebellion, along with the subsequent War of The Five Kings, has led to a far from stable empire. With the threat looming beyond the wall, has Robert and his brothers ambitions ruined the land, or will the shared threat of the Others rally the land to rise again united.

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