Series Four: The Vale


On the far northeastern shore of Westeros lies the kingdom of the Mountain and Vale, known simply as The Vale. Ruled by House Arryn, one of the oldest Andal bloodlines in the seven kingdoms.

To represent the Vale, a white falcon spreads its wings above a crescent moon on a blue field (the sigil of House Arryn). The falcon and moon are stylized with a mountainous texture to represent the lofty morals and ideals that which House Arryn is known, as even in the words of their house "As High As Honour" can attest.

Faced with conflicting oaths to a mad king and a friendly lord, Lord Jon Arryn refused King Aerys Targaryan II's demand to deliver young Eddard Stark to King's Landing. Raising his armies alongside the North Kingdom and the Stormlands, a rebellion ensued that toppled the Targaryan Dynasty, installing Robert Baratheon as the new king, with Jon Arryn as his top advisor.

But Jon Arryn is dead, along with Robert and Ned, leaving his only son Robyn as Lord of the Vale and the Seven Kingdoms in a vacuum of chaos. Opportunistic lords and competing families vie for power and influence as ancient enemies and mythical beasts close in to consume whatever may remain. And now it seems the future is even more bleak, as the white ravens of Oldtown have been sent out: winter is here.

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