Series Four: The Westerlands


The western most kingdom of the seven, the Westerlands is home to a vast network of mines providing the majority of precious metals for the seven kingdoms. At the heart of this rich land, perched upon a cliff, stands Casterly Rock, seat of House Lannister, wardens of the west and lords of the region.

To represent the Westerlands, a golden lion stands rampant on a field of crimson (the sigil of House Lannister). The lion is stylized with a mineral texture to represent the vast wealth and power of the Lannister family, from the gold and silver mines around Casterly Rock to the strategic genius of Tywin and Tyrion Lannister. A power not to be challenged lightly (e.g. Reynes of Castamere), 'Hear Us Roar' is truly a warning of their ferocity.

The west has rarely been host to conflict, westermen have actively fought in almost every war in history, but they have warred elsewhere. Tywin Lannister and his family have largely made King's Landing their home: as hand of the king (Tywin and Tyrion), Kingsguard (Jaime), Small Council (Tywin, Tyrion, Cersei, and Kevan), and Queen/Regent (Cersei). But the War of the Five Kings has affected all, and the great patriach Tywin is dead, possibly leading to the downfall of this once great house. With all the lives the Lannisters have destroyed, this downfall might prove poetic; for a Lannister always pays his debts.

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