Series Two: The White Lady


In the northeastern part of Rochester sits a natural retreat. Durand-Eastman park was envisioned by Dr. Henry S. Durand and George Eastman as a vast green space for area residents to enjoy, with a golf course, beach, hiking trails, and fishing ponds. But there is a dark secret in these woods, and the story has aged into legend.

Legend tells of a farm that sat on the property that is now the park, with a beautiful and restless daughter, grounded by an overcautious mother. The daughter was playfully naive, catching the eyes of many would-be suitors. But the mother forbade her from spending time with young men. One night, the daughter spirited off into the darkness, never to be seen again. Rumour was rampant, and whatever was left of the truth was overwhelmed by fantasy and fiction. The grief-stricken mother spent her remaining days in a solemn solitary search for her beloved daughter.

Death has not stalled the mother's quest, for a white lady is said to roam the park in the mists; searching. She is said to have two dogs at her side, benign to women but hostile towards men, and resides near the foundation of a refectory and a small lake. Today the White Lady of Durand-Eastman Park continues her search, pray you don't get in her way.

Unisex Cut:
Shirt Color: Asphalt
Shirt Type: 50/50 Poly-Cotton Athletic Fit T-Shirt