Series Zero: Paris Of Appalachia (Monoline)


Memorialized in Brian O’Neil’s book, The Paris Of Appalachia, this nickname is a critical yet endearing observation of Pittsburgh’s capital location within the Appalachian mountain range and it’s technological, academic, and economic achievements, and challenges.

A most recognizable symbol of Paris, The Eiffel Tower stands proud, at the meeting of three rivers, in the Alleghany valley of the Appalachians. A simple log cabin sits along the river banks, the humble beginnings of a place of knowledge, soon to be become one of the oldest and prestigious state universities in the country.

And finally, a sun over the mountains. Is the sun setting, or rising? That answers lies with all yinz.

Unisex Cut:
Shirt Color: Heather Forest Green
Shirt Type: 50/50 Poly-Cotton Athletic Fit T-Shirt