Series Zero: Pittsburgh Helvetica


Combining the sum of its parts to show the prowess of our city as a whole. No matter the nickname, this is still Pittsburgh.

Iron City, The Smoky City, Steel City, Hell With The Lid Taken Of: Pittsburgh’s most recognizable industry and source of pride: coal and lumber provided the foundation for iron, and then steel, production and manufacturing.

The River City: Celebrating Pittsburgh’s strategic position from the earliy days of Fort Pitt/Fort Duquesne to a modern day commercial and industrial hub along the Alleghany, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers.

City Of Bridges: Home to 446 bridges in the city proper, this one is pretty straight forward.

Paris of Appalachia: A critical yet endearing nickname bestowed upon Pittsburgh for it’s capital location within the Appalachian mountain range and its economic, academic, and technological success.

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