I had this idea,

My name is Matt Rogers, an artist born and raised in Rochester NY, one of the most cultural and artistic cities in the east; but most people outside our city pass us off as 'Upstate.'  I can't stand that phrase; it's not even accurate.  There is so much more to Rochester and I want to show everyone who we are.  I'm looking to combine my passion for art, culture, travel, and history into a showpiece for all Rochesterians.  So in 2013, I decided to start Transit Apparel. Each design is a story of Rochester or the Finger Lakes, and is organized into series themes:

Series Zero: City Nicknames Every city, as it develops its character, develops a reputation and a nickname.  Some cities have many nicknames.  This series showcases the nicknames of Rochester through centuries of progress.

Series One: City Neighborhoods/Subway Stops  Celebrating the diverse character of Rochester's city neighborhoods with their individual style and connecting them with transit stops from the old Rochester Subway (which operated from 1927-1956).

Series Two: Urban Legends Myths, Legends, and Folklore from our fine little corner of the universe.

Series Three: Seasons Each new season brings out a different side of Rochester and the Finger Lakes region.  This series will highlight those different transitions throughout the year.

Series Four: Distant Lands From Asgard to the world of Ice and Fire, Always Keep Moving™ takes on a new definition as we travel to more distant lands.

Series Five: City Neighborhoods/Trolley Lines With a seemingly endless network of tracks, streetcars serviced the vast majority of Rochester and her suburbs.  This series reaches out to the neighborhoods of Rochester connecting them by trolley lines.

Series Six: Athletics (Coming Soon)


All items will be limited run, made with high quality materials as American made, from production to inventory to display, as possible:

Special Edition:

Because each item is limited run, designs tend to sell out of sizes quickly.  While still maintaining a limited edition, low run policy, I still wanted to offer popular designs to customers.  Enter the Special Edition: a very unique version of the design on a different shirt with different color, and a special edition hangtag.  Be on the lookout as whenever a design sells out quickly and demand is high, there may be a Special Edition in the mi(d)st...

AKM Pass

When I started this, I had no idea the reception I would get, and with all the positive feedback I've been getting, I wanted to find a way to reward you guys for your loyalty and support of Transit Apparel:

Hold on to your tickets! If you stop by the stop shop at any show with your hangtag from your previous shirt purchase, you can enjoy 10% on your next purchase!

Show Some Pride! If you stop by the stop shop at any show wearing a Transit Apparel shirt, enjoy 15% off your next purchase!

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(Discounts cannot be combined, if you have both hangtag and shirt, the higher discount will be applied on your purchase)