Series Zero: World's Image Centre


A nickname popularized in the '90s, with roots set in the past.

George Eastman's contributions to film and cameras with Eastman-Kodak, John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb's technological advancements in lens, and Joseph C. Wilson's commercialization of Xerography all laid the foundation for which Rochester came to prowess on the world stage. Until recently, these "Big Three" were the economic backbone of our city.

To celebrate these achievements, the World's Image Centre shirt features details from each contributor. The heather brown color of the shirt represents the leather (and later plastic) housings and cases of early Kodak point-and-shoot cameras, the graphic of the shirt is a Bausch & Lomb model microscope, and the color of the graphic is the same as the Xerox 914, the first plain-paper copier.

Unisex Cut:
Shirt Color: Heather Brown
Shirt Type: 50/50 Poly-Cotton Athletic Fit T-Shirt